We believe that learning to execute smaller but technical combinations is more beneficial than trying to memorize and remember long combinations that don’t contain technical elements. In all of our classes, we are going to teach you about the underlying structure and theory of each movement so that you can learn how to execute it properly.


Bachata sensual

Intermediate +

The Bachata Sensual class will focus on sensual moves. Bachata sensual is a very different style of dance from the Dominican/traditional style taught in most dance schools. In this class we are going to focus a lot on body control and flow of movements for both leaders and followers.



The Techniques class will focus on technical lead/follow concepts that are used in Urban and Sensual Kizomba. Each class will break down all the details of each technique/concept and we will practise variations of each one. In this class a lot of emphasis will be given on precision, control, quality of movement, variations and understanding of the underlying concepts in order to improve your overall quality of movement.

  1. Axis Rotations

  2. Body Crosses

  3. Extensive Cotratempo

  4. Slow motion & Diffusions

  5. Staggered Movements

  6. Aynchronous Lead & Follow

  7. Geometry & Displacement

  8. Weight Transfers

  9. Fluidity

  10. Hovers

  11. (To be announced)

Kizomba musicality

Intermediate +

The Kizomba Musicality class is a complete set of lessons, each focusing on a very specific concept. Where the Techniques class is meant to increase your understanding of body control and technical lead/follows, the Musicality class is meant to improve your connection with your dance partner and to improve your understanding/reactions to the music . Each class will focus on concepts that aim to improve your dancing to the music. By the end of this class, you will have learnt various tools that you can use in your own way to improve your dance experiences. All concepts that will be taught in this class can be applied to other styles of dancing (e.g. Bachata), but the theory will be explained and practiced using Kizomba.

  1. Musicality Intro

  2. Lyrical Musicality

  3. Catching Accents

  4. Switching Between Instruments

  5. Musical Connection

  6. Energies

  7. Composition and Interpretation of Music

  8. Variation mastery

  9. Creativity

  10. Intention

  11. (To be announced)