Terms & Conditions

More Than Steps will be henceforth referred to as MTS.

  • Ensure good personal hygiene. After all, you dance with a partner!

  • Each student is responsible for all property belonging to him / her. MTS can not be held responsible for loss, misappropriation, theft or damage due to any cause whatsoever.

  • Visiting MTS is entirely at your own risk. MTS is not liable for injury and / or damage of any kind as a result of the stay and / or activities of the visitor on the premises of or in MTS.

  • Damage caused by the student is recoverable on the participant on the grounds of legal liability.

  • If the student repeatedly acts inappropriately towards others within the premises or violates the rules and policies, MTS has the right to deny further participation in the lessons, without returning the tuition fees.

  • After registration, the course fee must be paid by online bank transfer before the start of the first payed lesson at the dance school.

  • In case of late payment 10, - administration costs will be charged.

  • In the case of negligent payment, all costs, both judicial and extrajudicial (lawyer, collection agency, bailiff, etc.) are for the account of the student.

  • If the unlikely chance that MTS should cancel a course, the student will receive the remaining tuition fee as a refund.

  • In case of serious injury or long-term illness, refund of the course fee is not possible. In that case, call or contact us immediately.

  • No possibility to pin, please pay by online bank transfer.

  • MTS has the right to move teaching hours in case of public holidays, holidays or events without tuition reduction or refund.

  • No money refunds possible.

  • MTS reserves the right to refuse sign up of a student to a course. In case of a refusal to join a course, if a payment was already made, the full amount will be refunded.